We are a leading European Manufacturer of High Quality Chemically Bright & Matt Colour Anodised Aluminium Profiles. Our products are used extensively in the picture framing, mirror framing and furniture industries throughout Europe.

With over 40 years of Experience in Chemical Bright Anodising, we have developed an Extensive Range of Colours, Finishes and Profiles.

Our Dyes offer Vibrant Anodised Colours with Intensities and Brilliance that cannot be matched by paint systems.

Caring for the Environment lies at the heart of our corporate philosophy. We are fully aware of our responsibility to the natural beauty that surrounds us and all of our manufacturing processes comply with the strictest European Environmental Standards.

We welcome Contract Anodising Work and Batch Anodising Enquiries and successfully anodise for the shower and automotive sectors.

  Our focus and commitment is to providing High Quality Products and Services at Competitive Prices, ensuring strong and long lasting Partnerships with our Customers.



 Established 1981

Our Profiles are of the Highest Quality and our Tailor-Made Service is unrivalled.

By choosing profiles from MI Metals Anodising our Customers are participating in our Past, Present and Future Success.

We invite You to share in this Success!   



Anodising Aluminium successfully combines Science with Nature to create one of Nature's Best Metal Finishes                                                                                   


Aluminium Profiles of Perfection









Burlton Limited, T/A MI Metals Anodising ,

Carrickmacross Road, Ballybay, Co. Monaghan, Ireland. 

Contact Email:  info@mimetals.ie